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Invest With Roots
July 17th, 2023 10:27 AM
I recently subscribed to the 1440 newsletter in hopes that it would be a good source of important information minus the controversy/outrage du jour.  I've enjoyed it so far.  You can subscribe here if you would like to check it out.   

I was happy to see a locally based real estate investment trust that I do appraisal work for advertised on the 1440 newsletter.  You can find more information investing with Roots here:

They have a great concept with a unique perspective on empowering their tenants who get a small portion of their rents put into savings accounts where they can build wealth.  The average resident in a Roots property will have an account with $7,558 in it after renting with them for 5 years!  

Contact Comp One Appraisal Services today and put our local expertise to work for you.  Based in the Globe Building at Peachtree Dekalb Airport, we're the perfect resource for attorneys, agents, homeowners, and lenders.  Thanks for reading!

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